Queens is the go-to spot for filling meals and desserts you won’t find in any other borough. The small locally owned dine-ins are an integral part of New York City’s culinary reputation, but the hidden gems among these already impressive establishments are Queens cafes! In this borough, you can enjoy a cup of coffee alongside claw machines or angry bird plushies, while petting pooches or shopping for plants. Next time you’re searching for a unique place to relax and fuel your inner creativity, look no further than our guide to the most creatively themed Queens Cafes!

1. House Of Saturn

House of Saturn Cafe in Queens
Image Courtesy of House of Saturn

House of Saturn is the crown jewel of themed Queens cafes in College Point. Astrology is central to the space, its decor, and its menu items. They can create as many smoothies as there are zodiac signs, (Sagittarius is a personal favorite), and if your moon sign isn’t pointing to one of their specialty juices, their Jupiter sandwich or Jasper Avocado Toast are written in your stars for sure. You might think the menu is the best part of House of Saturn, but the decor is just as interesting. The hand-painted stars, astrological murals, and colorful furniture make visitors feel like they’ve walked into one of the tarot card decks on the game table. While you’re waiting for your order, you can play any space-themed board game on the shelf or read your friends’ future with free tarot cards. Is House of Saturn in your future? Signs point to yes.