For one week, Sac’s Place in Astoria, Queens is rolling back its pizza prices to 1989! Starting September 17th, you can grab a pie for the same price it cost 34 years ago when Sac’s first opened as a pizza shop. The rollback is in honor of the restaurant’s 34th anniversary at its current location.

Sac's Place in Astoria
Photo Courtesy of Sac’s Place

Sac’s Place occupies what used to be the commissary of Kaufman Astoria Studios. The commissary opened during the 1920s silent era of films when stars like Rudolph Valentino would have stopped in for a bite and then gone home to Astoria Park. The restaurant maintains its strong connection to the film industry by offering 10% off lunch every day for SAG and WGA members as well.

Another famous face who would have once been spotted at Sac’s was the late Tony Bennett. Bennett, an Astoria native, helped to fund the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts right across the street, and could often by found a plate of his favorite Sac’s meal, Rigatoni al Fileto di Pomodoro.

Sac's Place
Photo Courtest of Sac’s Place

Owned by Astoria natives and brothers Dom and Tony Sacramone, the restaurant’s menu pays homage to their family’s roots in Abruzzo, Italy. The recipes they use were passed down from their mother and are cooked with handmade pasta, housemade pizza dough, and freshly grown vegetables and herbs.

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