The Sherwood House is one of the last remaining pre-Revolutionary War tenant farmhouses in the greater metropolitan area and the second oldest building still standing in Yonkers. Its history dates back to 1740 when Thomas Sherwood constructed the home along an old Native American trail on land leased from Frederick Philipse. In 1776, General George Washington widened the trail next to Sherwood House for the passage of the Continental Army. That path eventually became present-day Tuckahoe Road.

Drawing of the Sherwood House
Original painting of Sherwood House cir. 1858 – Courtesy of Yonkers Historical Society

Over the course of several generations, Sherwood House would see many different owners before finally opening as a museum in 1962. The next prominent owner of the house following Thomas Sherwood was Dr. John I. Ingersoll of Connecticut. In 1801, Ingersoll purchased the land and became Yonkers’ first medical doctor, his practice extending as far north as White Plains and as far south as Riverdale. He later added a separate ground floor annex which served as his office for treating patients.

interior of the Sherwood House
Kitchen – Courtesy of Yonkers Historical Society
Sherwood House bedroom
Bedroom – Courtesy of Yonkers Historical Society

After Dr. Ingersoll passed away in 1828, the home was purchased by Frederick Weed, a retired businessman. The house would remain in his family for 89 years, far longer than any previous owner. During this time a second floor was added to the south annex originally built by Dr. Ingersoll. After the passing of Frederick Weed, Sherwood was passed down to his son, Isaac in 1858. Isaac’s daughter, Isabella, married Henry R. Hicks who further expanded the south wing ot the house.

Weed Family photo
Mrs. Isaac Weed and family, taken in 1890 – Courtesy of Yonkers Historical Society

By 1923, the Weed-Hicks family had departed and the house was sold to a realty company. Then in 1940, Sherwood House was purchased by Pietro Magnaldi and his wife who together converted it into the Royal Farms Restaurant International House – the first Italian restaurant in Yonkers. The restaurant closed in 1954 when Con Ed of New York the property from the Magnaldis.

Sherwood House
The Sherwood House as the Royal Farms International House, cir. 1950s – Courtesy of Yonkers Historical Society

Through Con Ed, the Yonkers Historical Society was allowed to lease the property on the condition it be restored to its original condition and reopened as a museum. They would do just that. On July 15, 1962, the Sherwood House Museum officially opened. Since then, it has gone through several refurbishments and continues to give walking and historical tours to the public.

Sherwood House
The Sherwood House today – photograph by John Lazzaro

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