5. The Ramble

Colorful trees line a body of water in the Ramble.
Image via Flickrgigi_nyc

The Ramble is thirty-six acres of what Central Park’s landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted called “wild gardens,” stretching from 73rd to 79th Street in the center of the park. This area is dotted with Red Oak, Sweet Gum, Pin Oak, Sassafras, Red Maple, Black Cherry, and Tupelo trees.

When the leaves of these trees start to turn they cover the entire autumnal color palette, from red and orange, scarlet and yellow to bronze and purple. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the Black Tupelo, one of Central Park’s “Great Trees.” Walking straight from the northwest entrance of the Ramble you’ll come upon the Tupelo Meadow to your right. About halway across you’ll find the Black Tupelo. With it’s bright red leaves that stand out from the surrounding greenery, you won’t miss it!