7. Nordstrom

Nordstrom Window Display

Nordstrom decided on a heartwarming theme this year, called “Home for the Holidays.” The decorations are bright and sparkly, reminding us of good times spent with our loved ones and embracing our traditions. The holidays can be a stressful time, and Nordstrom is hoping to create a fun and comforting shopping experience for all with 175 pink, green, and gold metallic trees throughout the store, as well as 47 green trees with pink and green ornaments. There will be 45,000 strings of massive lights, equaling about 85 miles long. Putting the strings end to end would reach over 4,750,000 feet, about the distance from New York City to Jacksonville, Florida.

Join us on December 13th for a virtual tour of NYC’s holiday windows and uncover the history behind this tradition with our Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers! This virtual talk is free for Untapped New York Insiders. Become a member today!

The Magic of NYC’s Holiday Windows Virtual Talk

Macy's Holiday Windows

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