New York City Christmas tree lights are starting to twinkle in neighborhoods all across the city! While the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in midtown is a spectacular sight to behold, there are plenty of other trees in museums, historic houses, public parks, and more places throughout the city that are also worth a visit. From origami animals to 18th-century cherubs, these towering trees are decked out in all manner of ornaments and lights. While some may be almost as famous as the Rockefeller Center Tree, like the one in Bryant Park, we’ve included a few that are a bit more off the beaten path. Find out where you can soak up some holiday cheer while (hopefully!) avoiding the crowds.

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Saks Fifth Avenue NYC Christmas Decorations

1. American Museum of Natural History Origami Tree

  • American Museum of Natural History Christmas Tree
  • American Museum of Natural History Christmas Tree

The American Museum of Natural History’s 13-foot Christmas tree is full of elephants! This year’s theme, Proboscideans on Parade, is inspired by the museum’s new exhibition, The Secret World of Elephants. More than 1,000 origami pieces adorn the tree. Among the many animals you’ll see there will be a woolly mammoth, the iconic Blue Whale, a T-Rex, and a colorful garland of hundreds of elephants ringing the tree. Each ornament is hand-folded by local, national, and international origami artists.