Virtual Talk with Museum at Eldridge Street on Pressed: Images from the Jewish Daily Forward

Jewish Daily Forward archival imageExhibition photo from Pressed: Images from the Jewish Daily ForwardExhibition photo from Pressed: Images from the Jewish Daily ForwardFirst Edition of The ForwardPhoto from Pressed: Images from the Jewish Daily Forward

Join Museum at Eldridge Street archivist and curator Nancy Johnson and Jewish Daily Forward archivist Chana Pollack in this virtual tour through the archive press plates and images that inspired them to create the Museum's current exhibition Pressed: Images from the Jewish Daily Forward.

The Jewish Daily Forward, still in operation digitally, was a Jewish immigrant's main source of news, entertainment, culture and exploration in the early-20th century. Images told stories in the paper as often as the Yiddish text, and today the publication's visual archives represent the entire scope of historic Jewish life in America - activism, culture, athletics, politics and more.

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