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Behind the Scenes: BRING TO LIGHT NYC

This Saturday is New York City’s first Bring to Light Nuit Blanche Art Festival, a block party of artists, performers and musicians amidst Greenpoint’s urban industrial backdrop of metal workshops and textile factories. In an urban takeover, artists will “create works that inhabit street corners, galleries, shops, rooftops, vacant lots and buildings.”
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Broken Angel House in Brooklyn: An Update

Each September, the city begins its age-old ritual of turning transplants into New Yorkers. Atlanta-native Rembert Browne just started an urban planning program at Columbia. Today he went in search of the Broken Angel House from Dave Chappelle and Michel Gondry's 2006 documentary, Block Party. More sculpture than building, the house was a creative feat built over decades, beginning in 1979 when the owners purchased the old Brooklyn Trolley factory.
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Jane Jacobs’ House at 555 Hudson Street

There's something bold about a store that only sells one item: $45 cups. But maybe it's appropriate that such a store occupies the first floor of Jane Jacobs' home on 555 Hudson Street where she wrote The Death and Life of Great American Cities. I attended the recent "Snapshots in Storefronts" event by the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation (GVSHP) as a volunteer, which allowed me to traverse up and down the stairs of the old home and check out the basement.

A Vintage Metro Ride in Paris

Untapped correspondent and photographer, Augustin Pasquet, took a ride on some vintage Parisian subways last week. Once a year Les Journées du Patrimoine runs a series of events featuring the retro subway cars.
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475 KENT AVENUE with Photographers Bruce Davidson and David  Alan  Harvey

475 Kent Avenue is an artist compound, filled with photographers, artists and filmmakers. This past weekend, David Alan Harvey opened up his home again to showcase the work of his students and special guest, photographer Bruce Davidson. These loft apartments have epic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, but the charm really comes from the gritty graffitied interior and the creativity buzzing within.
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Danger Warehouse Party: BUSTED!

Unless you've been before, it's hard to describe what a Danger Party is like. It's a part throwback to '80s New York, where there were simply less rules, but mixed with the self-awareness of the new millennium. Last night, theDanger hosted a four floor warehouse party with hot tub, circus swings, art and film installations and ten simultaneous live acts. As usual, it was a glorious mess and nudity was encouraged.
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SUKKAH CITY COMPETITION: Behind the Scenes with “Fractured  Bubble”

How Ms. Joan Tom, an ex-investment banker from Goldman Sachs, came to be building a Sukkah in Union Square in the middle of the night is an excellent question. She spent a week constructing "Fractured Bubble," and the tasks ranged from weaving twine, collecting phragmites from Queens, de-leafing in Gowanus and finally a midnight installation in Union Square.
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