A CSA (community Supported Agriculture) where you can pick and choose your own vegetables, fruits, and meats? Local Roots NYC is the first CSA in New York City to offer this capability. The summer season runs from June to August, so members pay upfront for 12 weeks of produce instead of the normal 24, with the option of continuing in the fall season. Local Roots also has a wider variety than your average CSA, with fruit, duck, beef, egg, grain/bean, juice and bread options. Offices can also purchase a break-room share. Pick-up locations are currently in Cobble Hill/Boreum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Williamsburg, and Tribeca.

For those who don’t know what a CSA it is–it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members pay for a season of produce ahead of time and receive deliveries of fresh, season food each week from local farmers. Founder Wen-Jay Ying tells Untapped, “The CSA program stems from my past experience creating and assisting CSAs at Red Jacket Orchards, Just Food, and The Piggery, and also being a member myself. I often found there were some limitations because the majority were volunteer organized (very dedicated volunteers mind you) and the farms are generally too busy farming. The Local Roots CSA aims to cater to New York City residents as well as the farmers. We hope to make CSA more accessible to people beyond those that are already interested in the local food movement, and we work to bring more attention to our hard working farmers. There seems to also be a growing demand for CSA in the city but the amount of CSAs are unable to keep up with the demand. Local Roots NYC will start up CSAs in neighborhoods that residents request to fulfill this demand.”

Find out more and sign up for your share today at  http://localrootsnyc.org/


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