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  1. Josh Steinitz

    I’d like to see the data that shows that these â€Å“young techie[s] who come to San Francisco with nothing more than a suitcase, a computer, a toothbrush and a desire to succeed† actually exist. Seems like a caricature to me…

    • vanessa chan

      His way of describing the influx of mid- to high-salaried engineers that are moving into the city and make up the Twitterati and Zynga-ites. A caricature for sure but these guys are definitely contributing through no fault of theirs, to the close to zero vacancies in SF.

      • Michael Thomas

        Following up, Patrick’s first official SmartSpace building in SF, which is prefab, is going up today. Video of yesterday’s stacking of the mods on site: http://youtu.be/fTr01AT87Ts

        I also nabbed some video of the boxes being built in the Zeta factory: http://youtu.be/oQd7yS1rsCs

  2. Brendan Chan

    And here I was thinking my 600 square foot 1 bedroom was way too tiny. 25% of my current apartment in square footage, I might as well live out of the back of a car.

    • vanessa chan

      I know, seems really small! But when I toured the place i was surprised at how not-small it seemed – guess it was well-designed, you’re not supposed to bring any furniture and very few personal items.

      • Brendan Chan

        Guess I’ll have to see it in person to believe it. The only way I can consider downsizing is if I get a Murphy bed, but I have a great fear it will come loose from the wall and crush me as I walk by it. LOL.

    • Harry

      I am thinking these units could use a large hamster wheel for exercise. Maybe it could descend from the ceiling? Possibly, it could provide some energy?

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