We’ve done a few in-depth articles about the secrets of Central Park, such as what’s there that wasn’t in the original plan and some of its more naturalistic secrets. Here’s our top 10 list of our favorite secrets in this famous park!

10. The Ramble’s Role in LGBT History

In the heart of Central Park is the Ramble, a dense grove once known as the “Fruited Plain” because of the prevalence of anonymous sex that was well-known to have taken place there. One proposed idea to manage the area was to develop a seniors’ center there – a dismissive solution to the real problem of hate crime – which was rejected.

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  1. Another great article on the park you guys. Keep it up!

  2. Christian says:

    Great stuff here! I especially like the Ramble Cave, and have half a mind to try to get past the barricades 😉 Prospect Park next?

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