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Bryan is a mechanical engineer from the University of Florida and a New York City weekender thanks to the Metro-North. And yes, he doesn't know how he survived undergraduate engineering, either. When he isn't watching his beloved Crystal Palace F.C. at the pub, he writes about the different experiences he's had in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other cities.

Tammany-Hall_Union-Square_NYC_Untapped-Cities-01-Bryan-Garcia The Union Square East view of the former Tammany Hall headquarters, which now serves as the campus for the New York Film Academy and houses the Union Square Theater.

Although Tammany Hall continues to be associated with Boss Tweed and the corruption that often accompanied the machine politics of the nineteenth century, there is a more innocuous item that can be connected to Tammany Hall today: the New York Film Academy.

The former headquarters of the Tammany Society, located on the intersection of 17th Street and Union Square East, replaced the razed E 14th Street site that hosted the political machine in the era of Boss Tweed. The Democratic Party organization met at the Union Square site from 1929 until 1943, when Local 91 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union purchased the building. In 1991, the Union Square Theater opened in the auditorium of the building for off-Broadway shows and the New York Film Academy followed in 1994, re-purposing the remainder of the building for its Union Square campus.  (more…)