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Jeff Seal is a comedian and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. He went to clown school at the San Francisco Clown Conservatory and studied mime in Paris. He still doesn’t have a website so you can just Google him if you want.

Untapped Cities - Vintage Photos of the LA Yellow Car

My dad sitting in the drivers seat of a Yellow Car at the end of the “J” line in Huntington Park.

One of my dad’s earliest, most exciting memories was taking the Los Angeles Railway Yellow Car (LARY, or LA Yellow Car) with his mother from their house on 53rd Street in South Central to downtown LA. There they’d eat at Clifton’s Cafeteria (home to the world’s longest continuously lit neon light). So when the LA Yellow Cars made their final run on Sunday, March 31st 1963, a 16-year old Jim Seal grabbed his Argus camera and took the following photos.