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Mike Walker is a writer and journalist who is mainly concerned with the former Soviet states and Balkan region. He is a staff writer for InSerbia, Serbia's leading English-language news source, and has contributed writing to Slate, Croatia Week, Tottenville Review, Coal Hill Review, Gently Read Literature, Translation Journal, the ATA Chronicle, Multilingual Computing and Technology, the Tipton Poetry Review, and elsewhere. He also contributed a chapter on Russian poetry to the anthology A Poet’s Sourcebook, edited by Dawn Potter. In addition, he photographs and draws architecture and is working on a project on the epistemology of drafting in pre-CAD architectural praxis.

Covington HousesTypical mid-century homes in Covington, Virginia

What is a “mill town“? A town near the type of old-fashioned gristmill you see on postcards or oil paintings at a flea market? Not really, though in their time, these would have probably qualified, too. The mill towns of the twentieth century through the current day are moderate-sized (sometimes large) cities built around one or more factory that forms the basis of the local economy.