07/22/14 10:00am

Street Art-Pixel Pancho-Case Maclaim-Untapped Cities-NYC-Bushwick-Bushwick CollectiveCase Maclaim & Pixel Pancho (Halopigg via Instagram)

We are more than halfway done with 2014, sounds insane doesn’t it?  Seems like only yesterday we were dealing with polar vortexes, cat cafes and disappointing Knicks basketball. We still mourn the demise of 5 Pointz, which is set for complete demolition by October. While we may have lost our graffiti and street art monument, other parts of the city have stepped their game up and have given the NYC street art community walls to make their mark. After countless hours looking through photos, and praying that street artists will not go after us for making last minute cuts to the list, we present the 10 best NYC street art murals of the year so far.


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garment district arcade lobby office midtown untapped cities samantha sokolInside the “Bricken Arcade” between 37th and 38th streets

Here’s a fun trick: several of the lobbies of Garment District buildings are arcades that go mid-block between streets. For those of you who are thinking Garment District offices have PacMan, we’re sorry to disappoint. This means, though, that if you’re walking down 38th Street thinking it was 39th Street, you could cut through an office building to get where you need to go. But why do these arcades, or, “through block lobbies” exist? (more…)

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Here’s what the Untapped staff was reading at the HQ today!

worldwide transit logos untapped citiesSource: Flickr.com by h008

New York


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Here is your weekly curated events guide.

Monday, July 21st

Join Hella Bitter for a night of DIY Mixology at Story on 10th Avenue! From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., enjoy handcrafted cocktails from the Hella Bitter’s master mixologist and learn how to upgrade your gin and tonics with quality bitters at the same time. Click here for more information and to RSVP to this event.


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On a sunny day, owners & occupants can be seen sitting on the rocking chair porches

On a sunny day, owners & occupants can be seen sitting on the rocking chair porches

The historic Astor Row in Harlem dates back to land purchased by John Jacob Astor in 1844 for the sum of $10,000 on what is now 130th Street between Lenox Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Harlem. It wasn’t until 1880 though, through the efforts of his grandson William, that 28 semi-attached row houses began construction.