Life carries on in the War ZonePhoto by Mel Rosenthal/Museum of the City of New York

In the 1970s and 1980s, the South Bronx was slowly brought to ruin by industrialization, trash dumping and arson. But photographer Mel Rosenthal wanted to show another side of the notorious borough. “In the South Bronx of America” is a new exhibit displayed in the Museum of the City of New York, featuring photos taken by Rosenthal. The series of black and white photographs depicts the state of life of everyday people South Bronx, which includes the neighborhood of Morrisania where Rosenthal grew up.


Bianco Circus-NoFit State-St Ann's Warehouse-DUMBO-Brooklyn-NYCThe Bianco circus. @Sigrid Spinnox

For just three more days at DUMBO’s St. Ann’s Warehouse, the Bianco circus by NoFit State is like no other, with steampunk styling, dangerous 35 foot drops without safety nets – and not a clown in sight. Sexy acrobats dangle above the all-standing audience, performing poetic and often jaw-dropping set pieces on high-wires, ropes and trapeze to an excellent live rock band.


Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015

Map of 2015’s Most Popular Dog Names in NYC. Image via NYC Department of Health

Yesterday, the New York City Department of Health released the list of most popular dog names in 2015, based on the 85,000 licensed dogs on record. The most popular dog name for the last seven years has been Bella, which the Department of Health surmises is due the publication of the last Twilight book that year). Max, formerly the number one name prior to that still takes second. As the records show, there were 1,127 Bellas and 1,073 Maxs registered in New York City in 2015.


Other Islands_OHNY_North Brother Island_East River_Untapped Cities-3

On an Open House New York boat tour, Stuart Miller and Sharon Seitz, authors of the book The Other Islands of New York talked guests through the history of New York City’s other islands, of which there are many.

Miller describes on the tour how the islands reflect the story of the city as its priorities have shifted over time. Some were originally purposed as military protection from the British during the War of 1812, named later for the families that owned them, and transformed over time into places of leisure, of isolation, of residence, and often of heterotopia. We’ve compiled here other islands of New York City. (more…)

The Staten Island Farm Colony

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Naval Cemetery Landscape 1

The Brooklyn Navy Yard has opened up a new green space on the edge of its property, giving access to this part of the property for the first time in 90 years. The Naval Cemetery Landscape, located at 63 Williamsburg Street West, celebrated its grand opening on May 20. It was commissioned by the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative in partnership with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, and provides a peaceful oasis to an otherwise industrial area.