Brookly Navy Yard Hospital Annex-Abandoned-Steiner Studios-Media Campus Expansion-NYC.06 PMThe Surgeon’s House in the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Annex

Most New Yorkers have been aware of the developments on-going on the Brooklyn Navy Yard, seeing it transform from active military property, to industrial park, to the diversified manufacturing hub it is today. In 2004, Steiner Studios opened as a major anchor tenant of the Navy Yard, with five soundstages and production facilities in a 310,000-square-foot facility. Starting in 2010, Steiner Studios began the process to nearly double its facility, which is at 580,000 square feet today with the addition of five new sound stages and an adaptive reuse of the former Navy Applied Science Laboratory.

In February 2015, a development plan for the third phase of expansion of Steiner Studios was adopted, with a plan to covert the abandoned Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Annex into a media campus by 2027. With an estimated price tag of $137.1 million, the third phase would add another 420,000 square feet of floor area to the studio complex, already the largest outside of Hollywood. There will even be an underwater soundstage, the first of its kind in New York City. These photos of existing conditions are all from Final Environmental Impact Statement for the development project.


Lady Mendl's Tea Salon-Untapped Cities-AFineLyneLady Mendl’s Tea Salon in the Inn at Irving Place   Image via Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon

Afternoon tea emerged sometime between the 1830’s and 1840’s. So says the book “A Social History of Tea” by Jane Pettigrew, the well–known tea historian. Since lunch was light, and dinner no earlier than 7:30 pm, it was that pleasant bit of sustenance in mid–day. Called “Low Tea” because of the low chairs and tables, the offerings have not changed much over time, consisting of crustless finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, and other nibbles, in addition to a full complement of teas. It was very much a part of the fabric of the time, and has lasted, in various forms and in many Countries, through today.

Generally beginning sometime after 3 pm, Afternoon Tea in New York City runs the gamut, from the formal to the funky. Some with a bit of an ethnic twist and some designed specifically for kids. Some require sophisticated casual attire and others are just plain casual. Held in hotels and restaurants, they conjure up images of days gone by. But in fact, it is a wonderful break in our modern-day life, when friends can meet without the time and commitment of dinner, or without the noise you might find having a drink in a bar. It is a time and place where the frenetic urban air is left at the door. We’ve picked out twenty–five places, in no particular order, for you to have your Afternoon Tea, and hope you will add to our list with your favorites.


North Brooklyn Farm-Farm on Kent-Domino Sugar Factory-Two Trees-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC_2

A farm and skate park are growing next to the former Domino Sugar Factory, a community partnership between Two Trees Management Company, the developers of the property and the neighborhood. We recently got a sneak peek inside, as North Brooklyn Farms (also casually known as the Farm on Kent) prepares to open this month.

Formerly located in a vacant lot across the street from the Domino plot, the community garden moved to be directly along the waterfront in May and plans to open later this month. They’re growing flowers and produce, all organic but none of which will be sold. Instead, they’ll be used for dinners to be hosted on site. How’s that for farm to table? From some of the picnic tables that are set up under string lights, you can literally reach over into the produce beds. A shipping container is also being converted into a mushroom farm.


New York is an accessible place. Tunnels and bridges connect boroughs across water, but for the most part, this city’s enormity is made small by the subway lines that spread like webs from the busiest centers of town to the furthest reaches of the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Covering most of the city, they can take you pretty much anywhere for $2.75.


joonbug bastille day celebrations-NYC-Untapped CitiesImage via joonbug.com

Just ten days after our own Independence Day fireworks spectacular, France is gearing up for a country-wide light show of its own. July 14th, otherwise known as Bastille Day or ‘La Fête Nationale,’  marks the anniversary of the peoples’ storming of the Bastille, a prison-fortress in Paris whose eventual surrender led to the abolition of Feudalism in France and the spark of the French Revolution. And though a French holiday, it’s no surprise that across the pond in multi-national New York, Bastille Day will be celebrated as well. Here are a few ways to feel a little French in the next few days.


perfect nothing catalog-NYC-Untapped CitiesThe shack and its owner. Image via swellcityguide.com

Keep this one for the books. Brooklyn resident Frank Traynor is opening an unconventional new business on the Rockaway Peninsula. He calls it The Nothing Mud and Seltzer House, selling, you guessed it, mud baths and seltzer. But to be honest, seeing as his current set-up in the back yard of a gallery in Brooklyn is called The Perfect Nothing Catalog, we’re not exactly surprised.