Radio Free Brooklyn-Untapped Cities-NYC-Bushwick-BrooklynImage via Radio Free Brooklyn

Video supposedly killed the radio star back in the 80s’, but radio not only survived — it has thrived. In no place has that statement run truer than in Brooklyn. The Heritage Radio Network records and releases dozens of programs from inside recycled shipping containers, and now two guys in Brooklyn are starting their own radio network, to provide the artists that live in Brooklyn a place to express themselves and bring themselves, and the communities on which they reside closer together. (more…)

Untapped Cities-NYC-Bushwick-Heritage Radio NetworkImage via Drive The District

The Heritage Radio Network, a non-profit organization that focuses entirely on food cultue, records and has its offices inside recycled shipping containers in the backyard of Roberta’s pizza in Bushwick. According to Forbes, we learned that the network releases “40 shows a week” and has “a log of 7,000 episodes.” The network is live Monday through Thursday, and features founder Patrick Martins  conversating with both professionals and enthusiasts about “archiving, protecting, and advancing” the conversation of food in America. (more…)

Ablemare Terrace-Untapped Cities-NYC-Flatbush-BrooklynAblermarle Terrace

On January 10th, 1978, the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission held a public hearing where 27 people testified in favor of having both Ablermarle and Kenmore Terrace become an historical district. The two small conjoining cul-de-sacs in Flatbush, Brooklyn are home to numerous homes constructed in both Colonial Revival and English Arts & Crafts Styles.  (more…)

Tom Fruin's Kolonihauehus

Spring has arrived in New York City and with it, a plethora of outdoor art exhibits in public spaces. Here are 10 installations to check out this month:


1-Brooklyn Bridge-Miniature Model-Sidewalk-Trees-Cobble Hill-Boerum Hill-Brooklyn-Park Slope-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

A wooden miniature Brooklyn Bridge is an unexpected addition to a Cobble Hill sidewalk, showing us once again that New York street art comes in all shapes and sizes. Built out of wood, wire and some nails, the replica has, as far as we can tell, a mysterious origin.


Heatonist-Untapped Cities-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-NYC

There is a new shop in Williamsburg devoted completely to selling hot sauce. Heatonist is for all of us who need our food as spicy as possible and revel in the collection of hot sauces (more than a row of the Untapped Cities HQ fridge is just hot sauce). This past weekend, we went to the opening party of Heatonist, where hot sauce enthusiasts can come and taste a very wide variety of sauces, ranging from mild to hottest.