Jazz Musicians In Front of Minton's Playhouse - Untapped CitiesFamous Jazz Musicians in front of Minton’s Playhouse. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Black History has left an indelible imprint on the cultural fabric of New York City. From the Harlem Renaissance to the teachings of Malcolm X, New York City has been a beacon of black history and civil rights. Even though we’re not knee deep into 2015, we have already celebrated some amazing historical milestones. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King‘s historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, as well as the 5oth anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. In honor of Black History Month, we have complied a list of 5 places connected to Black History in Harlem.


Harlem Hellfighters New York City WW IThe Harlem Hellfighters

When New York’s all-black 369th Infantry Regiment set off to fight in World War I, they were men without rights at home or in the military, sent on a mission to “make the world safe for democracy.” One could have forgiven them for serving with cynicism. Instead, they were some of the most decorated and accomplished American soldiers of the war, and on February 17, 1919, they finally got a parade to celebrate their heroism.


The Artist known as Art 1 exhibiting at the LeRoy Neiman Art Center in 'Changing the Game'

The Artist known as Art 1 exhibiting at the LeRoy Neiman Art Center in ‘Changing the Game’

This weekend, New York is all about basketball from the Barclays Center to Madison Square Garden, the Apollo Theater to the free Kanye West concert at Flatiron Plaza. But art is also part of the equation during NBA All Star Weekend, and one of the exhibits includes the artwork of not only local artists, but the players and their families.



New York City is buzzing about the NBA All-Star Game this weekend at Madison Square Garden. Yesterday, we looked at the history of the New York Renaissance team, aka the Harlem Rens, the most famous of the black fives. We also chose this Friday’s event at the Apollo Theater, the 10th Annual All-Star Gospel Celebration as one of our event picks of the week. Our Twitter followers sent us this Fun Map, a history of New York City Basketball released by the NBA. One of the most striking things this map tells you, without even looking at the detail, is the sheer number of NBA players that have come from New York City.


Harlem Rens Basketball TeamPhoto courtesy of BlackTopXChange

Happy Black Fives Day! On February 10, 2013, Mayor Bloomberg issued a proclamation celebrating the legendary black basketball teams that paved the way for today’s stars, even as they faced terrible segregation in their own time. Though black fives (so named for the number of players on the teams) abounded throughout the country, no team was better than the New York Renaissance, also known as the Harlem Rens.


Lady Lexis Sweets

Lady Lexis Sweets located at 1931 Madison Avenue near 124th Street

We thought that this Valentine’s Day, we would take a culinary tour of 15 of Harlem’s bakeries, from the traditional to the laptop friendly.