Just to preface, this is not a wine shop review. Suffice it to say that 67 Wine is one of the best (and historic) wine shops in New York City and the people I know from France swear by it. Since wine is more abundant (and important) than water in France, I trust their judgment.

Instead, I wanted to share some of the fun vintage photos they have hanging in the shop. The store opened in 1941.

In 1915, the IRT Ninth Avenue elevated subway was still in place. It was there until 1940, when the city bought the IRT (Interboro Rapid Transit):

Around 1923, there was a bakery where the wine shop is now…and I think the sign in front says fruits:

From this view in 1935, you can see some kind of parking lot or transit hub. If anybody has knowledge about what this area was used for, do let us know! Today, it’s the site of the Loews Theater.

I’m sure there are better versions of these photographs (without the glare of the glass) available, but I really just like the added element of history onto the walls of this shop. Here’s the exterior of the wine shop:

Here’s how the first floor (yes, there’s a second floor full of wine too!) looked over Christmas. They have a frequent customers program, but there’s no card. Sign up at the back desk on the first floor with your phone number.

179 Columbus Ave
(between 67th St & 68th St)
New York,  NY  10023
(212) 724-6767