Beer Table is a tiny restaurant in Brooklyn that serves its own commissioned beer and locally-sourced food. It’s everything that is slowly disappearing from New York City: a restaurant that also serves as a community spot, run by a husband and wife team and a small staff. They host beer brew tastings (which they call “Meetups”), Date Nights, and Family Meal Wednesdays in which $200 feeds a group of 8–come hungry they recommend. You might also recognize Beer Table from their even tinier store in Grand Central called Beer Table Pantry.

Beer Table has been using Smallknot, a platform that lets you invest in the small businesses in your community in exchange for goods, services, special perks and benefits, to build….get this…A BEER BICYCLE. This bicycle will have a built in draft system and will help them do more deliveries and beer catering for office parties outside of their borough.  Their  Smallknot campaign ends tomorrow, July 8th, at midnight and they’re just $450 short of their goal. The perks you get are a no-brainer: $125 for a family dinner for 8, $250 with unlimited beer.

Check out our photographs of their place and help support what makes New York great–the character of our small businesses.

Owner Justin Philips

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