The first thing you notice about the Cosmopolitan Club  (aka Cos Club) is that it looks like no other building on the Upper East Side (at least that I know of). The tall wrought iron balconies on the facade are reminiscent of Charleston or New Orleans but are architecturally unique. The club was founded in 1909 as a league for governesses, becoming a women’s club a year later. Its members have included Eleanor Roosevelt, Willa Cather, Margaret Mead and Helen Hayes.

In a seeming penchant for stables, the club has been located in three locations, each a former stable. The current building on 66th Street was built by Thomas Ellett in 1932, winning him the Gold Medal of the Architectural League of New York.

While The  New York Times writes that the Cosmopolitan Club was founded “for the benefit of New York women interested in the arts, sciences, education, literature, and philanthropy,” the club itself maintains that its mission is  “to provide fun for serious women, and to  offer the widest of intellectual hospitality and congenial companionship in an attractive  gathering place.” The club was also active in relief efforts during both WWI and WWII.

The interior is beautiful, in the old society way, but the terrace is the star (and the food is delicious). Here’s a glance inside:

Lunch Terrace

Sitting Room

Dining Room

Inner Courtyard


For more information and additional photographs of the Club, which also features a grand staircase, ballroom, guest bedrooms, library and numerous other clubrooms, check out the Cosmopolitan Club website. Today the club hosts a large number of events and classes.

The Cosmopolitan Club [Map]
122 East 66th Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 734-5950