On November 1st, when Lower Manhattan was out of power, comedian and Untapped New York contributor Jeff Seal rode his bike around filming wherever he could find glimmers of light until he got a flat tire. Then he continued filming on foot until the camera ran out of battery.

Traversing the East Village, West Village, Flatiron, 34th street and 23rd street, among other areas, Jeff captured moments of humanity amidst the sudden loss of light, unexpected pockets of activity, candlelight bars and closed 24 hour diners, the reassuring glow of food trucks, and the men and women of the MTA, NYPD, FDNY and Sanitation department keeping things going. Don’t miss the very end, when the camera pans and says it all at the intersection of Madison and 33rd Street.

NYC Blackout 2012 from Jeff Seal on Vimeo.