All photos by Daniel Gallegos

In the wake of the recent hurricanes and severe weather patterns, it is possible that uptown neighborhoods like Hudson Heights (also known as Fort Washington) within the broader Washington Heights neighborhood may become more desirable places to live in New York City. A hilly alternative to the otherwise flat landscape of Manhattan, the neighborhood is one of the most beautiful in New York, and full of Art Deco and Tudor Revival architectural details. It also has the unique position of being home to both the highest point in New York City and one of the deepest subway stations.

Located directly under a hill and 8 to 10 stories below surface level, the 181st Street station is one of the deepest in the system (191st Street is reportedly the deepest thus far). It has an impressive design, including a wonderful little Art Deco entrance (across from Bennett Park). Below ground, the subway station has an elegant hanging mezzanine that is just above the subway tracks.

The hanging mezzanine above the subway tracks.

Getting out of the Subway at 181st Street takes you right into the heart of Hudson Heights. Great storefronts and cafes in this neighborhood include a wonderful Russian market, Moscow on the Hudson, a testament to its diverse community.

Moscow on the Hudson at 801 W 181st St

The neighborhood has a large stock of Art Deco buildings as well a great deal of Tudor Revival architecture.

Art Deco Detailing Art Deco fire escapes and door details

The center of this neighborhood overlaps with the top of a hill occupied by an old town square-like Bennett Park. A natural stone formation in the park that is the highest point on the island of Manhattan.

The park is actually the former location of Fort Washington where the Continental Army delayed the advance of British troops in 1776. One can still see an old canon protecting our great city.

A stairway street looking down

Another treasure is the sweeping views of the neighboring boroughs, the waterfront and the neighborhoods around and in Washington Heights, a little bit of San Francisco in New York.

There are many cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood

The trip to Hudson Heights is a good way to get away from the bustle of downtown and midtown. It gives one enough treasures to discover while walking, and after a journey through the breathtaking Bennett Park, one can have a little trip to the Russian store and buy cured sausages. Make sure to walk along the stairway streets and keep an eye out for those cliffs.

by Daniel Gallegos