5. There’s a Maya Lin sculpture in Penn Station

Located above the fray, in a busy concourse between the 1/2/3 subway and the LIRR ticketing area, is Eclipsed Time by architect Maya Lin. It’s an interactive piece–the two elliptical disks move from East to West and back, creating an “eclipse” at midnight every day, when the disks are perfectly aligned.

Maya Lin_Eclipsed Time_Penn Station

Just nearby are also pieces by Andrew Leicester, making up Ghost Series and Day and Night, an homage to the original Penn Station:

Penn Station_Andrew Leicester_Ghost Series

Penn Station Andrew Leicester Ghost Series Day and Night
From MTA website: In Day and Night, Leicester reinterprets Adolph Wineman’s sculpture of the same name that presided over the old station’s entrances, depicting two women flanking a gigantic clock. The artist embedded the date the original building was demolished – 10/28/63 – into the clock’s blank face.