Dîner en Blanc: the World’s Largest Dinner Party will be screened today at 6pm at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem. Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young was one of the participants interviewed for the documentary, as she prepared for the annual pop-up white dinner in Paris, an event she has attended since 2010. Michelle also discusses the planning for New York City’s Dîner en Blanc, for which she was a group leader last year. Read more about the film in The Observer.

The Dîner en Blanc is an annual tradition started in Paris nearly twenty-five years ago as a reunion of old friends, who were told to meet in the Bois de Boulogne and wear all white so they could find each other. When, after a few years in the same spot, people started crashing the party, they decided to have it in a secret location that changes every year. The Parisian model for the Dîner en Blanc caught on, and cities all over the world now organize their own through the Dîner en Blanc International organization.

New York City’s third Dîner en Blanc will be held this July. Stay tuned for more information about this year’s event and how you can get involved. Check out our slideshow of photos from past dinners in Paris and New York City and our Timelapse video of the Dîner en Blanc at Lincoln Center.