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Foox Soho
New York City has long been known as a central hub for the art world–and with world-class art museums (like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MoMA, and the Guggenheim, for starters), its many resident artists, and its top art schools, no one’s denying that. But every New Yorker knows that the real pulse of the city as art hot spot beats strongest in its many spacious and well-stocked art galleries, in Chelsea, in Soho, even in Brooklyn. Our Foursquare list, Must See Galleries, highlights the best of the bunch, or at least the best of the galleries you haven’t heard of, anyway. 
Family Business: Located in Chelsea, Family Business is the one of the (physically) smallest art galleries in NYC. Started as “a space made available for people who have something interesting to say,” Family Business is run by Italian artists Massimiliano Gioni (who also recently curated the Venice Biennale) and Maurizio Cattelan, who really know how to throw an opening party.
MINY Gallery: One of the hippest galleries on this list, Made in New York Gallery is where the Soho art elite go to see and be seen. The gallery’s most recent exhibition was El Vacio, a collaborative work between photographer Gogy and NY-based creative team Nikolai Rose, which aimed to create a “monument to a feeling.”
Society of Illustrators: While it’s not exactly a gallery, you may feel yourself drawn to this particular listing on Lexington; with almost 1,800 original illustrations by artists like Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish, this lesser-known art museum ranks among one of the more interesting artistic destinations in the city. Check out their $15 sketch nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Black & White Project Space: This garage-turned-gallery in Williamsburg is one of the borough’s (and the city’s) premiere art spaces, featuring site specific installations which stress the link between indoor and outdoor environments. It’s also known as a great event space–just last year, they hosted the 2012 Photo Show of VICE (our favorite source for edgy and weird art).
Paula Cooper Gallery: The first art gallery to open its doors in Soho, the Paula Cooper Gallery has since reopened in Chelsea and added a second exhibition space. Famed for hosting conceptual and minimal art, our managing editor Laura Itzkowitz has a soft spot for this gallery; the gallery showcases work by her favorite French conceptual artist, Sophie Calle.
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