New Yorkers take their coffee seriously. Street corners are dominated by Starbucks, and city favorites include Stumptown Coffee, La Colombe, East Village espresso bar Abraço and California import Blue Bottle Coffee. But it’s not just about the coffee, but also the people and atmosphere. Check out ten of our favorite neighborhood coffeeshops in Manhattan below, and share your favorites with us!

10. Greecologies379 Broome Street

Top 11 Coffee Shops in Manhattan (For Design Buffs)_Greecologies_Soho_NYC_Untapped Cities_Catherine Ku-001

Greecologies, in the trendy Nolita area of Manhattan, offers much more than tea and coffee, and is in fact best known for its “authentic Greek yogurt from grassfed cows” that’s made on-site. The yogurt has a variety of unusual toppings available, ranging from sweet rose petal preserves and honey and thyme to savory olives, cucumbers and tomatoes and sun dried tomato and mint. It also offers various traditional savory Greek dishes and desserts, grassfed butter coffee, and of course, your more common kinds of teas and coffees.

On top of that, design buffs will be sure to enjoy the shop’s aesthetic appearance; its simple white walls, airy atmosphere and cozy nooks are sure to put your mind at ease. In addition, Greecologies, which was designed by a Greek architect named Dionisis Sotovikis, has an outdoor garden with wooden seats and tables to work or relax in.