Pop-Up Pianos-Play Me I'm Yours-Paris-CDG Airport-2013

This year’s pop-up piano festival in Paris, Play Me I’m Yours, just concluded on July 9th, but there’s one piano still surprising visitors daily. In the beautiful Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle Airport sits an impromptu piano, unpainted like the Play Me I’m Yours pianos, but still a welcome respite for weary travelers. It’s not part of the official festival, but someone has clearly taken the cue.

Play Me I’m Yours heads to Cleveland Ohio on July 19th this year, Omaha on August 24th and Boston on September 27th. It was founded in 2008 by English artist Luke Jerram, not to be confused with the similar Sing for Hope pianos in New York City.

An Untapped airport tip: If you find yourself delayed in Paris–there’s a little refuge with reclined seats at the Terminal 2E.

4 thoughts on ““Play Me I’m Yours” Pop-Up Piano in Paris’ CDG Airport

  1. Really liked your article about the “Play Me I’m Yours” pop-up piano in Paris. It’s amazing how installations like this make the arts accessible in major cities! Sing for Hope did one this past summer in New York City, and there’s a great music video by pianist Gregg Kallor playing the 88 pianos placed around the five boroughs of NYC as part of the program! It’s a beautiful ode to these piano programs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qFwF8DKkwo

  2. I actually just heard this morning that an engineer waiting for his plane was serenading everyone in the airport on a piano (I think it was SFO?) – and that notion just made me smile!

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