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The Italy-based French artist, Clet Abraham, has been hacking street signs all over Europe, injecting a little humor into the mundane commute. The above photo was taken at Villa Léandre in Montmartre, Paris, a hidden, English style street with some of the most expensive real estate in the city. In an interview with Tuscany Arts, Abraham discussed the motivation behind his work:

The omnipresence of street signs, other than being a sign of the [Italian] culture of “anti-responsibility”, can verge on the absurd. The message is very poor (sometimes I feel like I’m being treated like an idiot by them) and yet they have a highly invasive aesthetic. As a professional in the world of visual space, I feel called to intervene, both to notify the public of the absurdity of the situation, and to propose a constructive and respectful alternative….The final objective? That traffic keeps flowing without us feeling spoken down to!

Below is a gallery of Abraham’s signs, mostly in Italy and in France, images soured from Abraham’s Facebook page and UFUNK

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-Paris-Florence-Rome-Italy-France-005Image via UFUNK

Clet Abraham-Street Art Paris-France-Stop SignIn Poitiers, France

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-France-Paris-Florence-Italy-Rome-013Image via Abraham’s Facebook page

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-France-Paris-Florence-Italy-Rome-016Image via Abraham’s Facebook page

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-France-Paris-Florence-Italy-Rome-018Image via Abraham’s Facebook page

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-France-Paris-Florence-Italy-Rome-020Image via Abraham’s Facebook page

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-Paris-Florence-Rome-Italy-France-002Image via UFUNK

Clet Abraham-Street Art-Signs-Paris-Florence-Rome-Italy-France-001Image via UFUNK

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