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Snap, Crackle, and Pop would feel right at home at Treat House, a store that sells almost exclusively Rice Krispie Treats-related desserts. A fun addition to the Upper West Side food offerings, the store on Amsterdam and 82nd Street also sells rice krispie breakfast bars, pops, marshmallows, and ice cream bars. If the food itself wasn’t enough to necessitate a trip to Treat House, its interior is. The back of the store is designed to look like a camp cabin complete with wood paneling, art work designed by Daniel and Eli, tree trunks and a swinging bench to sit on, and other nostalgic decorations, which the Russell children helped pick out.

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Treat House (which doesn’t mention Rice Krispies for obvious trademark reasons) began when Daniel and Eli Russell needed to raise money for charity. Their father, Chris, a chef, made treats for them to sell in three flavors. Mint-Chocolate Cookie, Butter Scotch Sprinkle, and Cherry-Dark Chocolate. The customers quickly queued up to Daniel and Eli’s treat stand. Before long, the treats sold out and the kids raised hundreds of dollars for charity. The Russells, with the help of pastry chef Wendy Israel, spent the next year and a half perfecting their product, ensuring that the presentation and flavors of their treats would be unrivaled. As a result, the store is a labor of love, which is clearly evident when Chris, Jennifer, Daniel, and Eli speak about it.

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