Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

A recurring theme with this column is to occasionally pass over the more outlandish street fashions of New York City in order to devote a little attention to subtlety and classicism. It’s not that I don’t love seeing neon feather boas paired with glittery snakeskin shoes (I do! I love them so much!), but the act of seeking out something intriguing within someone’s ostensibly “boring” outfit requires more thought and observation and appreciation. This is why most of my Art of Style subjects come from the subway. Being in transit is the perfect time to channel your inner Charles Darwin, take stock of your surroundings and the life-forms within it, and draw some conclusions. (In my case, literally draw some conclusions.)

So… stemming from this philosophy, I loved this person’s simple and yet visually interesting outfit. Muted red leather shoes with cream-colored laces: perfect. Cuffed trousers with a dusty blue pinstripe: also good. The combination of the two: summery and nostalgic. Well done, subway person. I hope you were going somewhere as cute and laid-back as your outfit.

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