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Boro Taxis can be hailed on the street or using a smartphone and are intended to serve the outer boroughs where the yellow taxis aren’t quite as familiar of a sight. These green taxis pick up anywhere except on Manhattan’s east side south of 96th Street and on the West side south of 110th Street.

The city’s Street Hail Livery program began accepting driver applicants on June 7th and this past weekend we saw of the green hybrid taxis “in the wild” in Astoria. The users hailed it using UberX on the Uber App and it cost $34 flat to get from Astoria to Columbus Circle. Although the Boro taxis are just in the pilot stages, the plan is to release 6,000 livery licenses per year until a max of 18,000 are issued.

There have been various lawsuits related to the Boro Taxis as well. Last year the State Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional because City Council was bypassed in the decision making. The New York State Court of Appeals reversed the decision on June 6th and the city opened the application process the next day. In July, the Metropolitan Taxi Cab Board of Trade attempted to stop the program when the city sent a notice no longer requiring GPS for the Boro taxis. According to Capital New York, the group was miffed because “the administration promised that the all borough taxis would be outfitted with GPS technology, so that the city could track the cars and ensure that they weren’t poaching rides from yellow cabs in the city’s central business district.”  The city responded by simply taking back the notice, and the taxis will all have GPS now.

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6 thoughts on “NYC’s New Green Five Boro Taxi Cab Spotted in the Wild! Hail it on the Street or Using an App

  1. for what the boro cab have to be based affiliate if people call the based not want boro cab

  2. Really, $34 to get from Astoria to Columbus Circle? I’ve paid no more than $25 to get from midtown to Astoria where I live. That’s a rip off. And yeah I’ve seen two of the new Boro taxis this past week in Astoria. I was confused as to why they were green and why they said T Boro so I got on google to check. Now I know why. Good to know we’ll have additional taxi service in the boroughs.

    1. Hi Paulette, the fare was using UberX not using the City’s taxi which explains the difference.

      1. hi Michelle, ok so first boro taxi are not allowed to pick up south of west 110th street not 100th as written in article. Also boro taxi (Green) are allowed to use uber app under UberT not UberX (not green. The fares for UberT (Green) are metered fares just as if u hailed a yellow/Green taxi.

        1. the app may, if no uberx available, offer ubert, but the green cabs are only UberT. ty nice website.

        2. Hi Angel, you’re correct about the 110th Street! We’ve updated. This article was written three years ago, and actually, we were in the cab that was hailed. They were picking up at the time under UberX.

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