Even in the City of Light, there are abandoned metro stations. While this isn’t surprising given Paris’ vast underground catacomb network, the contrast between pristine Paris and the abandoned stations is striking. Fortunately, like New York City’s abandoned subway stations and unused levels, intrepid urban explorers have long been photographing these stations for the lay people to view.

6. Porte Molitor

Porte Molitor-Paris-Abandoned Metro Station-Subway-Parc des PrincesImage via Flickr user (Patch)

Not far from the abandoned Piscine Molitor, the swimming pool of Life of Pi fame, is the abandoned subway station, Porte Molitor. According to Urban Ghosts Media, the station was built in the early twentieth century but never used, full platforms “that have never served a single passenger.” The station was intended to serve the Parc des Princes station but today is used to store trains when the metro system is closed. There were no entrances built from street level or walking tunnels, so the photographer (Patch) who photographed the station had to bypass “intense security measures” in the underground network.

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