William Helmreich is the kind of guy who says hello to strangers in the streets. Over the past four years, Helmreich has probably conversed with hundreds of interesting people because he has walked every street in New York City (a whopping 6,000 miles!).

Helmreich encapsulates his experiences in his new book, The New York Nobody Knows, which will be published by the Princeton University Press in October (pre-order a copy here). In this book he writes about immigrants, New York’s communities, enjoying the city, and gentrification.

Helmreich takes particular interest in gentrification, which he thinks is an overall positive force. In fact, in an article in The New Yorker, he claims that the Bronx could be the next Brooklyn. Even though he asked the writer to wear inconspicuous clothing to walk with him through Morris Heights, Helmreich claims the Bronx “is not as dangerous as they think it is.”

Helmreich writes of several wonderful experiences, but the information we’re sure you are dying to hear is New York’s best pizza! Helmreich claims the best slice in all the city is at Crosby Stop Pizza, in Pelham Bay in the Bronx. This book is a wonderful combination of interesting things to do in New York as well as enlightened commentary on current urban issues.

Helmreich’s quest may remind you of Matt Green, another intrepid New York City explorer walking every street. Check out this article about various projects also aiming to expose “The New York Nobody Knows.”