WNYC’s Soundcheck is hosting this amazingly fun challenge called Remix the Mayor, just in time for the NYC Mayoral Election. Using archival soundclips from Mayor LaGuardia to Bloomberg (as El Bloombito, of course), you can combine as many mayors as you like (but at least one), manipulate them however you wish, and add any of your own musical elements.

Due date is this Saturday, September 29th. Guest judges Evan Gregory of the Gregory Brothers (Auto-Tune The News) and comedian and writer Julie Klausner will declare a winner.

Check out Soundcloud embed below for the thirteen soundbites from some of the city’s best-known mayors past, from Mayor O’Dwyer talking about the Second Avenue Subway, Mayor Koch on Guggle Muggles, and Mayor Giuliani on a rant about ferrets. Read more about the contest on WNYC website.