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This is a parallel to my post a few weeks ago about seeing wool socks in early September. Look, I went to Catholic high school and wore a uniform with a short skirt every day for four years. I know what it’s like to wander around with bare legs in the middle of winter, and never want to do so again. This brave soul I saw striding along the High Line has a different view on things, however.

Maybe she’s from Canada and thinks that sixty degrees is appropriate booty-short weather. Some people just don’t seem to be sensitive to temperatures, like the bros I used to see in flip-flops and t-shirts during Syracuse’s truly cruel Novembers. Maybe she just wants to show off her gams one last time before autumn temperatures become too biting. Maybe she lost a bet with her warmly-dressed friend.


Whatever her motivations, I salute this classy booty-short ensemble. The solid black is a great offset to her multicolored cotton-candy hair and polka-dotted scarf. Sobriety on the bottom, party on the top.

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 The Art of Style by Kit Mills

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