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This morning, Vanishing NY broke the news that the beloved graffiti haven, 5Pointz, had been whitewashed overnight. According to the organization’s Twitter, it was painted overnight by the owners Jerry and David Wolkoff with police protection. More photos below.

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The organization has staged a peaceful rally this weekend and were hoping to reapply for landmark status. Though the landmark designation was always a long-shot, without the artwork itself now, it doesn’t seem possible.

5 Pointz rally on Sunday

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Read more about 5Pointz here, and see previous photo tours of the location. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich.

25 thoughts on “5Pointz Graffiti Haven in Long Island City Whitewashed Overnight by Building Owners

  1. The owners who whitewashed 5 pointz are fools. They couldn’t see how much more valuable their building was with the art. I hope they go broke with their development.

  2. Some awful negative comments here expressed by individuals who have little or no idea about this amazing artform & culture. The skill,passion & dedication it takes to create some of this amazing & colorful work is something you will never understand unless you’ve ever picked up an aerosol can & attempted to paint a piece. This artform has evolved & developed for over 40 years now right from the very basic tag & the act of writing on walls in it self goes back even further if you look further into history. New York graffiti has had a massive influence on kids across the globe & has proved to be a valuable & important voice & a tool for ‘freedom of speech. Many of those kids that started writing (many on the trains in New York’)in the 70’s/80’s are now fully established artists,graphic designers etc & are making a living out of it and/or exhibit their work internationally. 5POINTZ was a celebration of New Yorks Cultural Graffiti & Hip hop past & something that was built on love & positivity. I hope once the redevelopment has taken place that they stick to their promise of more art space being given to graffiti artists & other artists to express themselves. What’s an ‘eyesore’ to some may be ‘unique & beautiful’ to another person! That’s what art is after all….some love it some hate it! Narrow minds are what make this world a depressing & dull one….open minds make it happy,beautiful with a hint of ‘color’ dare I say!!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l-VFU4kkUw8# …RIP 5POINTZ…

  3. So what building are they going to vandalize next and turn into another eye sore blight on the city?

  4. So glad to see this fucking place go…This was never writin´..and its funny people complaining about something that was never theirs in the first place…grow some balls and head out to a yard….s

    1. But fools think it’s art, they also think the Illuminati is real so go figure.

  5. What the F… is this. ?? Unbelievable…. NO to this Bullshit of Financial Goverment for more money and Paying Appartment owners .

  6. Horrific!?? You are obviously not an artist nor do you appreciate art… Yes I agree it’s their property, but I would consider slapping you for saying such a thing because the medium in your opinion is not your favorite.
    You’re an eyesore. Yes that’s me being immature because I’m furious someone would say such a thing, you have vandalized something in your life, and don’t defend yourself, you know I have 300 answers to prove you wrong as little as they may be, people will agree with me you vandalized something when I spill it. That’s my real e-mail address, feel free to b***h

  7. WOW so vandals the people doing the illegal acts are mad that the legal owner used their legal right to get rid of that garbage?

    1. all the art done there was done legally, the owner finally decided he wanted to build condos, but because he was afraid the building might get landmark status he destroyed the art before it could. the artists never broke the law.

      1. It wasn’t art and never will be just crap put on a wall by some fool. The only funny thing is when people pay for it when it’s given away for free on t he streets now thats a joke but art never.

  8. Glad the eyesore is gone..
    If it’s not your building, don’t mess with it.

  9. How funny cause I had just saw all that graffiti for the first time last week and I’m sorry but I thought it was horrific.

    1. jessica obviously hasn’t any imagination, some people have no vision in this world.

  10. WHY?!?!?!! It’s heart breaking 5pointz became apart of New York’s History and a land mark.

  11. Lol how shocking! The owner painted their own building! The graf is awesome but obviously you’ve got to expect that’s gonna happen to your pieces.

  12. heartbreaking? it was a building owned by OTHER PEOPLE. yes the graffiti was nice art, and not done all crappy like you see all over NYC, but its not their building. if the artists wanted it so bad, raise some money and buy it.

    1. yeah but it couldn’t have cost less than 10k to do that buff – and why? it’s going to be torn down anyway. Tearing down the building is one thing but this is going out of their way to cover up the art.

    1. Why were was the art? it honestly wasnt that crap tagged on the walls by some kid or middle aged loser who acts and thinks he is middle fingering society with his tag.

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