7. 387 St. Paul’s Avenue, Stapleton, Staten Island

Photo courtesy of HBO. All 5 seasons of Boardwalk Empire are available to stream on HBO NOW and HBO GO.

This 24-room mansion is part of the Stapleton Heights Historic District on Staten Island, where houses span the gamut as far as style goes. The Queen Anne Victorian style home used in Boardwalk Empire was built in 1887 and designed by architect Hugo Kafka. It stands on St. Paul’s Avenue, unique among Second Empire, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman style houses.

A wedding gift from brewery nabob Henry Bechtel to his daughter Anna, the house was for the most part stripped of its furnishings and filled with the show’s own pieces. The homeowners recounted their experience with the show to Staten Island Live, revealing that their living room was turned into a dining room for the shoot.