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As reported by The Atlantic Cities, Keir Clarke has been building a Yahoo! Autocomplete Map, showing search suggestions when you type in a city, state or country. The results range from funny to random, often a pretty choice insult: “New Jersey is a dump,” “Delaware is the worst state,” “Louisiana is a third world country,” “Philadelphia is ugly,” “Detroit is crap,” “Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People,” “Chicago is so two years ago.”

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Then there are the few positive ones: “”Wisconsin is awesome,” “West Virginia is the best Virginia,” “Virginia is for hustlers” (as is Colorado), “Charleston is always a good idea,” “Des Moines is not boring,”

And the head scratchers: “Tennessee is nice but it ain’t Texas,” “Arkansas is the only state,” “Oklahoma is closed,” “New Mexico is stretching,” “Portland is leaving,”

Some other great ones: “Iowa is too white,” “North Dakota is a myth,” “Idaho is stupid.”  “Wyoming is not real,” “Florida is sinking,” “South Carolina is too small to be a republic,” “Oklahoma City is going on a diet.”

Overall, it doesn’t say much for our collective empathy for our fellow human beings, but let’s just blame it on the algorithms.

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Going international, there’s “France is bacon” (??!!), Wales is crap,” “Poland is not yet lost,” “Denmark is a prison,” “Italy is racist,” “Kazakhstan is the greatest,” “North Korea is a joke,” “Japan is weird,” “Saudia Arabia is evil,” “Iraq is in what country,” “Australia is boring” “Brazil is here foals.”

We also decided to pull a few more localized Yahoo! autocomplete results for the boroughs of New York City:

Yahoo Autocomplete Map-Keir Clarke-Insults-City-State-Country-BrooklynYahoo Autocomplete Map-Keir Clarke-Insults-City-State-Country-ManhattanYahoo Autocomplete Map-Keir Clarke-Insults-City-State-Country-Bronx Yahoo Autocomplete Map-Keir Clarke-Insults-City-State-Country-Staten IslandYahoo Autocomplete Map-Keir Clarke-Insults-City-State-Country-Queens

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