art-of-style-by-kit-mills-holiday-cat-print-untapped-citiesIf I said “Meowry Christmas” would I get fired?

It’s the last Art of Style of 2013! I’ve had a pretty strange and interesting year, but today I’d like to examine the mundanity of everyday life. Well, not quite everyday, though certainly mundane. Leggings seem to be a popular travelwear choice for the feminine-identified, and what better way to put yourself at ease than to wear comfortable clothes with a cute print on them? These should be specifically marketed for air travel. Can’t bring your cat on your holiday trip? Bring a reminder on your pants! Let’s face it, they’re probably already covered in cat hair. Why not take it to the next logical step?

The holidays approach, and half of New York is at the airport. Flights will be cruelly delayed, security lines will wrap around themselves like sleeping snakes, and eternities will be pass while passengers wait for their boarding calls in uncomfortable airport chairs. After all that, it’s no wonder spending time with family at your destination can be stressful. As such, I feel bad being a style snob in these conditions. Wear whatever you need to wear to make these trying times more bearable.

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