Dad Academy-Kroll Show-NYC Subway-C-CZAR-Turning Lads into Dads-You Did the Need Now Be the Dad-001

Nick Kroll from Comedy Central is at it again! You might recall the parody Dr. Zizmor ads for puppy face lifts he did exactly a year ago in the NYC subway. Sticking to the model of mimicking the aesthetic of subway ads, he’s now targeting the ads for schools you see all the time. The latest for “Dad Academy” says, “YOU DID THE DEED, NOW BE THE DAD.” “Turning LADS into DADS,” is the school’s claim.

The website forwards to the Kroll Show and a video for the character C-CZAR, a “future un-fit parent.” A quote on the ad from C-CZAR says , “I’m going to be a better Dad than whoever mine was.” Even though we were sitting on a subway that managed to have two fights break out and someone pull the emergency brake, it took us a while to notice the ad–it’s that nondescript!

Also check out the unrelated but equally awesome Who’s Your Daddy Paternity Truck in NYC.

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