3-New Musuem Spaceship I
Inside the Spaceship Module at the New Museum

An exploration of the last frontier–space–is a desire of many. The New Museum‘s most recent exhibition, Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module, attempts to partially satisfy this desire by turning its Fifth Floor Gallery into a simulated interior of a spaceship. From a barrage of images projecting 20th century Eastern and Central European modernist architecture to a seemingly disordered display of works of art from the same era, the common thread and diversity of the works of art is impressive.

With the continuous theme of modernism streaming throughout—specifically an Eastern European, Soviet-era future idealism—the exhibition attempts to transport the viewer into a new architectural domain. This space is separate and unique from a traditional museum space, with mixed media works chaotically displayed as if objects on the spaceship.

The exhibition was curated and constructed by tranzit—an organization based out of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia that “consists of a network of autonomous but interconnected groups.” The exhibition is part of the ongoing initiative of the New Museum entitled “Museum as Hub,” in which a series of contemporary artistic endeavors—stretching the spectrum of exhibitions, residencies, and programs—are presented both in the New Museum and globally.

4-New Museum Spaceship IIImages of the mixed media works from the exhibition at the New Museum

1-New Musuem spaceship IV

2-New Musuem Spaceship III

New Museum-Christopher Inoa-Untapped Cities-Museum as Hub-LES-NYC-Musuem-Newspaper-Free-001

New Museum-UntappedCities-NYC-LES-KFC-Museum As Hub-Art

Art-UntappedCities-Culture-New Museum-Museum As Hub-Christopher Inoa

Art-Museum As Hub-New Museum-NYC-UntappedCities-Christopher Inoa

This exhibition follows the New Museum’s most recent exhibit entitled Chris Burden: Extreme Measures.

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