One of our favorite urbanites, Matt Green, who’s walking every street of NYC has just come across “Turkey National Park” in Staten Island. It’s a mock national park that even has its own website modeled exactly after the U.S. Fish & Wildlife. According to the page,

National Turkey Park is located on the eastern shore of Staten Island. This 90-acre addition to Ocean Breeze Park is nestled right next to the Staten Island University Hospital Campus and South Beach Psychiatric Center. It has a generic four lane road on the eastern side of the Park, a unique habitat feature not usually found at our other park locations. In the spring and summer, the rafter of turkeys expands as little poults join the ever-growing community. The newest members of the rafter revel in the open grasslands of the Park for resting, feeding, and nesting. Management efforts focus on protecting the native turkey population and providing a habitat for this unique group and other wildlife, and building a cooperative environment for turkeys and residents alike.

Enjoy a walk along the Park to observe and photograph native flora, wildlife, and our turkeys.

Turkey National Park-Staten Island-US Fish and Wildlife-NYCImage by Matt Green

The links at the bottom and sidebar go to actual U.S. Fish & Wildlife pages. Pretty clever, we must say.

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