1. Decapitated Head of Satan, Peacocks, and More

Peace Fountain-Cathedral St John the Divine-Decapitated Satan-Giraffes-DNA-NYC

Just south of the Cathedral, lies its 11.3 acre close or campus. Visitors can stroll through a biblical garden, where the different plants are all species mentioned in the Bible, and gawk at peacocks and a hive of 15,000 honeybees. One of the close’s highlights is the Peace Fountain, designed in 1985 by Greg Wyatt. The fountain was created to mark the 200th anniversary of the Diocese of New York. It depicts the Archangel Michael embracing one of nine giraffes after his defeat of Satan. There is also a lion lying down with a lamb. The fountain’s spiraling base represents a double-helix of DNA.

Additionally, the Children’s Sculpture Garden, a series of small bronze animal sculptures created by local K-12 students surrounds the fountain. (For more information on the Peace Fountain check out our previous article Daily What?! The Peace Fountain at Saint John the Divine features the Decapitated Head of Satan and 9 Giraffes)

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