Today we profile Untapped Cities intern Josy Jablons, who has written about the unique benches in New York City, remnants of a former speakeasy in an NYU dorm, and on unique water towers.

What’s your “day job”?

I am currently a full-time student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, studying playwriting and film production. Before coming to Untapped, I worked as a cheesemonger in the Flatiron district!

What’s your favorite Untapped spot in your city?

I grew up in San Francisco, which is really another way of saying: I value good coffee. On that note, I love Whynot Coffee & Wine in the West Village. Several huge windows face out onto the notable Gay Street, and the remaining walls are covered with pop art. The café’s subdued ambience is relaxing and conducive to writing— or, more accurately, enduring writer’s block. In the evening, “Whynot” switches from coffee to wine as the downstairs jazz bar ramps up. My second Untapped spot for West Village wine is Sweet Revenge; this tiny restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, with flickering candles and chalkboard-scrawled menus. Most importantly, what other beer & wine bar pairs a decadent cupcake with your drink?

Favorite piece you’ve written for Untapped:

I really enjoyed writing my first piece for Untapped, which was about water towers in NYC. Writing this article urged me to pay more attention to the small details of New York that I constantly overlook, such as rooftop gardens, cool lampposts, and a handful of other city curios. I’ve become hyper-aware now, and I can’t help noticing the abundance of water towers on every block!

What’s the most memorable thing that happened while at Untapped Cities?

I am still dazed by my initial encounter with Untapped. I attended an office holiday party in December, and was immediately welcomed by a community of intriguing, creative people. The evening quickly blossomed into a night of literary debates, music preferences, and restaurant recommendations. I remember leaving the headquarters with a curious book of self-published poetry (by fellow intern Phillipe), and an extreme eagerness to begin working with these other interns, writers, and professionals.

What’s the most surprising and/or valuable thing you learned at Untapped Cities?

As my fellow intern Christopher mentioned, I’ve realized it takes A LOT to manage a website. Throughout the past month, I have learned to navigate more social/business-networking platforms than I previously knew existed. I think the most valuable thing I’ve discovered is that anything run collectively (or that involves copious contributors) requires constant communication and transparency.

What’s your favorite Untapped place you’ve visited while traveling? Where do you want to visit next?

I had the pleasure of visiting Cuba a few years ago, and I remember vividly the afternoon we spent at Hemingway’s home, Finca Vigía. The house (which is now a museum) was beautifully preserved, complete with a writing alcove and Corona typewriter. The oddest part: hundreds of stray cats were casually roaming the property!

I’m planning to spend some of the upcoming summer volunteering in Ireland, which I’m really excited about. My ultimate fantasy, though, is to visit Iceland. The moment I first saw Bon Iver’s music video for Holocene, I became completely entranced by the beauty of that country.

What’s your favorite obscure fact about your city?

I am still baffled by the fact that Washington Square Park was a burial ground in the early 1800s. While the cemetery closed in 1825, the NYU-enveloped park sits above nearly 20,000 bodies (what?!).

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Frustrated with my high school in California and plagued by wanderlust, I made the weighty decision to transfer schools. Six months later, I was on a plane bound for Boston, about to begin my two-year stint at a New England boarding school. People told me it was crazy to prematurely move 3,000 miles away from home, and perhaps it was. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are some of your favorite websites?

I really love Enpundit for quirky insights into art and architecture from around the world. To satisfy my poetry thirst, I like exploring The Literary Bohemian, and for movie-related writing— Bright Wall / Dark Room. Most of my time on the computer, however, is spent reading TV scripts!