Finding a public bathroom of any first-rate quality is a nightmare, and it’s especially tricky in NYC. If quirky bathrooms aren’t your thing, you might be excited to learn that POSH Stow and Go, a members-only bathroom and storage facility, is coming to NYC in June 2014. 

We did some digging into NYC’s restrooms and the results were dissatisfying. Singapore, a smaller city than New York, has 29,500 public toilets—a stark contrast to our measly 666 park bathrooms (as of 2009). We also uncovered numerous restroom-focused websites, such as and, both of which help you locate toilets in New York City. Still, the verdict remained: there simply aren’t enough public bathrooms. Perhaps the debut of POSH in Midtown will spark a change in the current landscape of our public toilet shortage, even though POSH is not so much a public restroom as it is an extremely exclusive one. 

POSH facilities will include private lockers, large storage rooms, powder rooms, and luxury bathrooms—not to mention a “friendly and attentive staff.” The company seems to be geared toward tourists and travelers, providing a comfortable place to shower, change, and store luggage or shopping bags during one’s daytime voyage in New York. Membership functions on a first-come, first-served basis and POSH makes an effort to remind customers that “membership availability is LIMITED.”

Would YOU pay $15 per month for a personal toilet haven? It doesn’t stop there, after the membership fee you must purchase a package of either 3, 6, or 10 days of bathroom access—if you’re willing to pay $8 per flush, POSH might be worth checking out.