Judgmental Maps-Manhattan-NYC

This is not the most beautiful map we’ve seen (and as we’ve written about, beautiful maps often lie!), but depending on your personal opinion, you might find it more truthful than others.

This “Judgmental Map” of New York City by Joe Larson, has its fare share of sweeping generalizations, and the ethnic ones make us a little uncomfortable, but to the map maker Joe Larson’s credit, he’s equal opportunity about making fun.

Williamsburg and Brooklyn is “where your barista lives,” anything further south is “scary Brooklyn” or full of bodegas and dreidels apparently. Upper Manhattan is Canada and Financial District is full of “Satan’s helpers.” Jersey is the land of fake tans, real mafia, and Bruce Springsteen. Columbia University is full of “nerds”, the Upper East is full of old people, and Chinatown is full of dumplings. Central Park has homicidal cyclists and the only real people in New York City live in Hamilton Heights.

What do you think about this map? Does it go too far? Or does going too far reveal some underlying truths? Let us know.

Judgmental Maps was most recently on March 3rd with a map of Los Angeles.

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