laguardia airport rendering 1A.JPGRendering of LaGuardia’s Main Gate (via Global Gateway Alliance)

We can only hope that LaGuardia airport will look this good by 2021.These renderings, created by the creative studio Neoscape, via commission by the Global Gateway Alliance, shows a much different and much better looking LaGuardia Airport.

The Alliance, an establishment that tackles the problems concerning major metropolitan airports, commissioned these renderings as a proposal to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who will soon choose a design firm to carry out the remodeling of the airport, first announced in 2010. The Alliance’s vision for the airline is to help erase the current “third-world country” comparison made by VP Joe Biden last month during a visit to the Airport.

laguardia airport rendering 2A.JPGRendering of LaGuardia’s Main Gate (via Global Gateway Alliance)

We do not know how the other firms currently up for the job will tackle the remodeling of the airport, but we think the giant glass exterior that would be the main terminal looks exquisite. Made with the Port Authority’s guidelines, the main terminal will be one-third larger than it is currently, according to the design. Currently, LaGuardia handles twice as many passengers as it was built to accommodate, with that number expecting to rise by 2030, according to the NY Post.

The design also  features a direct subway line to the airport, something that all New Yorkers would welcome, as it beats taking two trains and a bus to make your 10 am flight. Final word will come down to the Port Authority, who are expected to make an announcement soon (hopefully).

For more information and history on LaGuardia airport, check out or article on the airport being the first to house helicopter airplanes. Another fun fact about the airport, is that it houses Vintage American Airlines Hangars.

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