This Daily What?! and Vintage Photo column comes to us from tour guide Justin Ferate. In an email today, he writes: 

Automotive Journalist Myles Kornblatt alerted me to the following: In connection with the New York Auto Show, Ford is re-creating a classic moment on the Empire State Building’s observation deck. In 1965 the then-new Mustang was placed on the observations deck of the Empire State Building, and nearly five decades later, Ford will do it again with the all-new 2015 car. Since the Mustang cannot be hoisted to the roof by crane, it must be dismantled, taken up the elevators, and then reconstructed again on the roof of the Empire State Building. Pretty amazing!

This feat will be happening again TOMORROW with a 2015 Ford Mustang convertible GT and on display for just 54 hours.

In 1965, the car had to be broken into three parts

According to Autominded, “This task is more difficult than it first might seem.  No crane or helicopter can access this area on the 86th floor…The building hasn’t changed in the last fifty years, but the 2015 Mustang is seven inches longer and four inches wider than the first car.  So Ford engineers are faced with an even larger challenge today.” Today, unlike 1965, computer modeling is assisting the installation.

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