As Untapped Cities readers, you probably know we are really obsessed with water tanks, from our top 10 list of the most unique water tanks in New York City to a look at how they work. We’ve often wondered why water tanks are not used very frequently as a canvas for art but that’s about to change.

Art often collides with social issues and this summer The Water Tank Project project will appear in all five boroughs, bringing us an important message. It is the brainchild of Word Above the Street and documentary filmmaker Mary Jordan. Their message is simple and hugely important.  “Put Water Above All.”  The program is an effort to call attention to the global water crises.

The artwork will be printed on vinyl and will wrap 300 water towers throughout the City. The water tanks, which are approximately twelve feet high and thirteen feet in diameter, will be wrapped in art for 12 weeks. The artists range from the very well-known like Jeff Koons and Andy Goldsworthy to public school students, musicians (including Jay-Z and Yoko Ono),  scientists and people from our community with the main theme of water conservation.

The goal is not only to inspire, but also to educate, with a list of heavy hitter sponsors like Christie’s, Nasdaq, Hewlett Packard, Swatch, and Whole Food (to name just a few). There’s also the $1 million raised from their Kickstarter campaign, support from foundations, alliances and individual donors.

In addition to the artwork, there will be educational programs and tours with a goal towards creating real change in the way we think about, and use water.  Some of the focus will be on things as simple as drinking New York City tap water and on more controversal issues like our consumption of plastic waste.

Learn more about The Water Tank Project on their Facebook Page.  An App will also be available. When they start popping up around the City, we’d love to see your pictures.  Tweet them using the hashtag #UntappedCities and they’ll show up in our live photo pool.

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